Reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic

Media workers planning to cover the COVID-19 pandemic should consider the following safety information and advice.

On 09 July 2020, the World Health Organisation issued updated advice stating Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is likely to be airborne in specific settings. Such locations include (but are not limited to) confined spaces with little or no air flow and crowded places. You should be aware that the concentration of viral load in the air in such places will likely be significantly higher than normal, therefore increasing your chances of exposure.


Important: The following information is based upon advice and guidance issued by recognised health bodies such as the WHO (World Health Organisation), CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and PHE (Public Health England). Please note that due to the novel nature of COVID-19, this advice is regularly updated and aims to reduce the transmission of the disease, but there will always remain a risk of infection. RiskPal gives no guarantees, undertakings or warranties in this regard, and does not accept any legal liability or responsibility for the content or the accuracy of the information provided.

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