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Media Advisory

HP Risk Management understands the realities of reporting and documentary filmmaking in high-risk environments. We help journalists and filmmakers do their work safely, whether that be in a conflict zone or an investigative report at home.


We recognise that every task has distinct requirements and provide clients with retained consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

  • Tracking and Monitoring Support

  • Sourcing of High-Risk Safety Advisors

  • In-Country Assistance

  • Access to Specialist Safety Equipment

  • Hostile Environment and Medical Training

  • Digital Security Advice

  • Response to Online Abuse and Intimidation

Monitoring Room
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Embedded Security Consultants

We embed experienced security professionals on a full or part-time basis for a range of media organisations. Whether you require a full-time security manager, a part-time digital safety advisor, crisis management trainer or risk analyst, we can help.


We use our extensive network of media security professionals to ensure that any staff we embed within your organisation is fit for purpose. We de-risk a process that is easy to get wrong and help you avoid the recruitment, administrative and insurance complications that can come with directly employing security experts.

Why employ one staff member when you can gain the expertise of an entire organisation?


We ensure clients benefit from all of HP’s expertise, not just that held by the consultant embedded in your company. We work closely with all our consultants to make sure that they are kept abreast of the latest industry and field developments to foster a continual learning practice that benefits all involved parties.  

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Route Planning
Travel Risk Management

Employees represent an organisation's most valuable assets. Ensuring their safety is not only a legal requirement, but a strategic necessity for any organisation.

Using our experience and geopolitical knowledge, HP works alongside companies to build robust travel risk-management systems to support their travellers.


Our methodology focuses on thorough risk assessment, practical safety mitigation and sensible crisis preparedness.

HP have developed an extensive associate network worldwide, giving it access to the right information at the right time. This access to in-country support and the capability to respond when required allows our customers to develop cost effective risk management structures without compromising staff safety.

Adventure Photographer

HP offers a range of customised training for journalists, diplomats, civil servants, business travellers and managers, both on client site and at specialist locations worldwide.


Courses are delivered by professional trainers and can cater for all levels of experience, from the beginner to the seasoned professional in need of a refresher. Our courses include:

  • Travel Security and Risk Management

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

  • Digital Security

  • First Aid & Medical Training (various)

  • Crisis Management

Video Production
Talk Show Set
Start Up Support

Digital media agencies have blossomed in recent years.


Keeping pace with rapid growth or change can present major challenges for companies that want to develop fit-for-purpose risk-management practices but might not have adequate in-house capacity or expertise.

We work with several such companies that have quickly transitioned from small start-ups to globally known brands, providing measured and appropriate risk management support along the way.


We have helped design and implement companies’ risk management strategies and provided training, policy documentation and compliance support as their requirements have evolved.

Lagos Nigeria
Johannesburg South Africa
New Country Entry

Combining our in-country contacts and risk analysis expertise, we can help you to navigate the opening of a new bureau or monitor different risks across areas in which you work.


Whether you are planning to open a new office, are developing a corporate risk register, or require analysis on the threat environment for journalists in different countries, we are well placed to provide assistance, catered exactly to your needs.

Press Coverage

HP Risk Management is committed to supporting press freedom around the world.


We support freelancers and independent production houses across the globe, offering insurance advice, logistical and crisis management support.

HP Risk Management is also honoured to provide security expertise to the Committee to Protect Journalists, serving on their Emergencies Team in the roles of both Journalist Safety Specialist and Safety Technologist.  


This allows us to support local journalists around the world who are working under harsh conditions and often in dire need of assistance.

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